Coronavirus: How to travel safe

In the past month, several cases of the coronavirus have appeared all over the world. According to news reports, the virus has now infected nearly 950 people worldwide. Since the virus is spreading so fast, there is also need for precautionary measures, especially by those who plan to travel on a leisure or a business trip.

Here’s how you can travel safe and take all the precautionary measures needed to protect you and your loved ones from the coronavirus.

Keep your distance from sick people

While travelling, we often bump into people who are coughing and sneezing. Never before have we seen these ailments as a red flag, but judging from how fast the coronavirus is spreading, it’s better to be safe than sorry. While travelling and sightseeing, keep a social distance of at least three feet from people around you.

Like flu, coronavirus is transmitted through tiny droplets of spit so the possibility of you catching it from someone across the room is quite low.

Wash your hands often

The World Health Organization has also advised everyone to stick to hand-washing as a form of prevention. The fact is, our hands are frequently transporting germs. This happens when we touch things that have been previously touched by someone infected. We furthermore, spread the infection by eating without washing our hands, or by touching our faces without getting rid of the germs we picked up.

The solution? Wash your hands repeatedly, especially before eating.

Keep a hand sanitiser with you

Washing your hands all the time might not be possible especially if you are out shopping or simply exploring a place. The next best option is to keep a hand sanitiser that is high in alcohol content. This way, you can get rid of the germs you catch from opening the door or using public transport.

Don’t consume raw or undercooked meat

Are you one of those who like to consume their steaks medium or rare? Well, its time you change your taste for a while – at least till the threat of the coronavirus goes away. This is because the virus is also said to be spread through animals. No matter where you travel to, make sure the meat or food items you consume are well-cooked.

Carry a facemask

Carry a facemask with you no matter where you travel. You might not need it during places that are a little deserted, however, famous tourists spots will have you run into hundreds of people. You don’t know who is infected and who isn’t, hence, the best option you have is to carry a facemask.