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Crafting with Kurachee (for kids: 3-8 years)

Sorry, seems like the booking deadline for this course has passed.

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About the experience:
During these engaging sessions, children will learn fun facts about animals and outer space while working on craft projects. Promoting recycling materials and using fun and innovative ways to reuse them, whilst encouraging independent thinking and artistic freedom from a young age, these lessons will cement the concept of ‘there is no right and wrong’ in art and allowing children to develop an organic interest in art, storytelling and creativity.

About the host:
Kurachee is a platform for illustration, animation and design collaborations. Kurachee creates limited edition products, prints and publications with local artists, and hosts creative workshops and events. 

Bushra Saleem is an Architect from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. She has been working for Kurachee, at Habib University for a research project and runs a startup called Noontime Stories. She loves to craft and hopes to be able to communicate her ideas, energy and enthusiasm through her sessions.


Session duration: 1-hour (recurring)
Platform: Zoom/Meet 

Event Host

Bushra Saleem

Cancellation Policy

-50% deduction if cancelled 4 days before the session 

-75% deduction if cancelled 3 days before the session 

-100% deduction if cancelled in last 48 hours before the session


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