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Guitar Lessons

Sorry, seems like the booking deadline for this course has passed.

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About the experience:
Everyone goes through a guitar phase, but these lessons will teach you how to play something apart from Aadat by Atif Aslam. A comprehensive month long course covering basics such as fretting techniques and music theories all the way to intermediate strumming patterns. Learn how to play hits from Bryan Adams, Strings, and more!

Practice assignments will be given to students according to their level of progress.

A flexible curriculum is enforced depending upon the students’ pace of learning.

Students can request songs that they wish to learn.

About the host:
Sarosh Manzar first picked up the guitar in 2007 after hearing David Gilmour’s solo in Comfortably Numb, and hasn’t stopped since. Over the years he has performed at multiple venues and has taught many students. With a studio microphone, a full HD webcam, and a virtual whiteboard to make the learning experience as easy as possible, his lessons are as good as it gets!

Instagram: @saroshmanzar

Session duration: 1-hour* (recurring)
Platform:  Google Meet

Note*: Some lessons might require two-hour sessions

Course structure:

In this month-long course, each session covers music theory, chords, playing techniques and features sections of popular songs that you’ll learn by the end of the class!

Session 1) Guitar basics: Holding, fetting and picking technique, Chords (A&D)
Session 2) Music Theory: Major Scale shapes and variations, Chords (Am, E and Em
Session 3) Music Theory: Minor Scale and Time Signatures, Chords (C & G)
Session 4) Introduction to fingerpicking, Chords: Revision and switching of A, D, Am, E, C and G
Session 5) Music Theory: Minor Pentatonic Scale, Chords (Power chords & triads)
Session 6) Different positions of the minor pentatonic, Chords (Barre Chords F*)
Session 7) Song Analysis, Chords (B, Bm, Cm, Dm, Fm, Gm)
Session 8) writing a basic melody and chord progression, Chord revision 

Event Host

Sarosh Manzar

Cancellation Policy

 The Course booking can only be canceled is notified 24 hrs prior to the class and 50% of fee will be deducted. 


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