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If you are obsessed with the classics of Bollywood,  you will love everything about this game show. From music to evergreen dialogues, to iconic scenes, it’s an hour of laughter and lots of fun.  The sessions are conducted on Zoom. A moderator will take you through multiple rounds of different styles of trivia specifically designed to challenge you and your friends, and get your team laughing together.

About the host:

Friday Night Live is a virtual entertainment portal that includes trivia, puzzles, games, and team activities for remote groups. They cater to students, friends, as well as corporate employee groups for the purpose of engagement and diverse virtual experiences. And they make every night feel like a Friday night!


Session duration: 60-minutes
Platform: Zoom

Event Host

Ayesha Siddiqui, Injila Bilal

Cancellation Policy

The session can be only cancelled if informed 48 hours before the start of the session, 25%fee will be deducted.


  • Game Show
  • Game Show