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Daily workouts you can actually follow

Sorry, seems like the booking deadline for this course has passed.

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 About the experience:

In this health and fitness program, Sarah and Paul will be creating a program encompassing workouts and nutrition coaching. Apart from 3 classes on Zoom and 1 written workout session every week, they’ll also be having two nutrition coaching sessions during the month on how to manage your diet. This program has everything other digital workout programs have to offer, an then some! And it’s a fraction of the cost. 

About the host:

Sarah and Paul are fitness enthusiasts who believe that paying attention to their clients, listening to them, and understanding their needs, is what sets them apart from any other trainer. They provide one-on-one attention to all their clients, even in group settings, and make sure that each of their students gets the most out of their sessions!

Instagram: @thecookiecollector_ @thehammerfist_

Category: Health and Fitness
Session duration: 3 sessions/week
Price: Rs. 3999/month
Platform: Zoom 

Event Host

Sarah & Paul

Cancellation Policy

Booking can be only cancelled if informed 3 days in advance of first session.


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