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Amp up your production quality with Shahrukh from Bayaan

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About the experience:

This course is meant for budding bedroom musicians who are sick and tired of recording their ideas on smartphones and want to expand their skill set to include basic audio production. This expansion will not only allow them to record far better quality demos but will also expand their capacity to compose and arrange music and better understand how songs are constructed, all while working with a commercially acclaimed musician!

About the host:
Shahrukh Aslam is a musician, audio engineer and creative who you might also know as the lead guitarist of Bayaan, the winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. While primarily known as a guitar player and terrible comedian, Shahrukh likes to mess around with bass, drums, percussion and keyboard, an

Event Host

Shahrukh Aslam

Cancellation Policy

 -50% deduction if cancelled 4 days before the session 

-75% deduction if cancelled 3 days before the session 

-100% deduction if cancelled in last 48 hours before the session


  • Audio Production
  • Music