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Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest classical dance forms of South Asia. Bha meaning bhava that is emotion, ra meaning raga that is melody, ta meaning taal that is rhythm and natyam means dance.

You will also learn to understand rhythm cycles and to dance within them, also how to speak bols and sing.

In order to make it interesting for the mind and body both, I will be doing slightly different things in each session. The exercises will also be different each day with some focusing on flexibility and some on strengthening different parts of the body especially the core.

Day 1: Introduction, Theory, Exercises

Day 2: Exercises, Basic positions in Bharatanatyam

Day 3: Alignment exercises, hand gestures

Day 4: Exercises, hand gestures

Day 5: Exercises, Standing positions, hand gestures.

Day 6: Exercises, Eyes.

Day 7: Exercises, introduction to Adavus (basic steps) and rhythm.

Day 8: Exercises, Adavus

Day 9: Exercises, Adavus, revision of first few days.

Day 10: Exercises, Adavus

Day 11: Alignment exercises and rhythm

Day 12: Flexibility, Adavus and hand gestures

Day 13: Flexibility, revision

Day 14: Strength exercises, Adavus, revision

Day 15: Exercises, revision, Adavus

Day 16: Revision, Adavus and hand gestures.

Event Host

Suhaee Abro

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